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Throughout our professional experience, we have benefited from employee share ownership plans of all kinds, and have each time measured the misalignment between the effort made by the company to make us engaged employees, and the personal difficulty of understanding the mechanisms, to apprehend the taxation and the patrimonial consequences.

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Security is our number one priority as we consider it essential in the trustworthy relationship we build and maintain we our customers.

We use separation of concerns while processing and accessing your personal data, we use cryptographic and SSL encryption mechanisms to protect your data and your access to your data.

We enforce a multi factor authentication to prevent unwanted access to your account.

Your are prompted to enter a kaishen generated temporary code while you log in or when you subscribe to products.

If you have question about how we manage security, you can reach us at: privacy@kaishen.io, we ll get in touch.


By virtue of its various approvals and the applicable regulations, Kaishen is bound by professional secrecy and ensures the strictest confidentiality of the data provided by its users.

We don’t trade or make commercial use of your data.

Your data are only accessible to your kaishen advisor with your consent.

If you have question about how we manage privacy and keep Kaishen a safe place, you can reach us at: privacy@kaishen.io, we ll get in touch.

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We aim at growing our team with talents willing to do work that matters.

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We expose and consume APIs. We build frontends and backends. We collect and organize data. We 'devOps'. We are 100% cloud powered and commited.

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We believe in automation. We build and run 360 marketing machine. We think ROI not budgeting.

Legal Notice

CNIL - Computing and Liberties

Kaishen strives to protect the privacy of its users by complying with the regulations in force. In accordance with the French law "Informatique et Libertés" n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, modified in August 2004, the participant has a right of opposition, of access, modification, rectification and deletion of personal information concerning him.

This right can be exercised by email by writing to privacy@kaishen.io

This site has been declared to the CNIL under numbers 2148116, 2148117, 2148118, 2148119, 2148120.

Kaishen agrees not to sell to third parties the details of its customers and users

In case of dispute or claim, the customer may submit his claim to Kaishen, which will have 10 days to acknowledge receipt, then 2 months from receipt of the claim to respond.

The contractors undertake to seek in the first place an amicable settlement. In the event of total or partial rejection of your complaint, you have the possibility of making free use of a mediator. If the claim concerns a financial investment excluding life insurance (stock market order, management mandate, purchase of fund shares, employee savings, etc.), the AMF mediator is competent. Here is the address :

Médiateur de l'AMF
17, place de la Bourse - 75082 Paris Cedex 02
01 53 45 60 00 / Épargne Info Service : 01 53 45 62 00
More information at http://www.amf-france.org/Le-mediateur-de-l-AMF

Finally, if the study of your claim reveals a dysfunction of our services, remain assured that everything will be done to solve it quickly. Your satisfaction is our priority.

For any claim :
Kaishen service réclamations
33 rue du Mail – 75002 PARIS
+33 1 84 80 77 07

Kaishen is a SAS company, with a capital of 50,000 euros registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under the reference 831 984 000.

The registered office of Kaishen is located at 33 rue Mail, 75002 Paris, France.

Kaishen is a Registered Investment Advisor at the Organisation for the Register of Insurance Intermediaries (ORIAS) under the number 17005795.

Kaishen is a european trade mark, registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office under the number 016706681.