Monitoring and valuation of plans

At any time, Kaishen offers a visualization of the condition of the vestings and the potential gains attached to the plan, according to the information provided on the plan.


Via Kaishen, each beneficiary can carry out simulations of the sale of shares from an employee share ownership plan allowing him to understand the tax system and to anticipate the taxes he will have to pay in the case of a liquidity event.


Thanks to the integrated notification system, your employees are informed of the latest useful information about the plan and their situation.


In a personal area, your employees can find all the documents relating to their share ownership plan: letter of attribution, simplified agreement, information documents...


Thanks to MyKaishen, your employees will benefit from explanations and recommendations on good practices directly related to their plan and the situation elements they have informed.


Kaishen enables your employees to provide information on their personal and wealth situation, thus enabling them to measure the transformative effect of employee share ownership in their personal case.
These elements are taken into account for the simulations and the recommendations proposed in MyKaishen.